Top row from L to R: Moonly, Sunshine, Firefly
Bottom row L to R: Cloudline, Monstera, Hibiscus, Crush
I am so excited to reveal the latest edition of summer Hu Made colorways! These colors were inspired by visions of warm and sunny summer days. I have a limited number in stock but will be sure to open these colors for pre- order if needed.  I hope you love them .And to celebrate these colors I’m offering a special promotion. If you purchase the full set of 7 skeins then you can receive $20 off- just select “Set of Seven Colors” from my shop and the $20 off will  have been automatically calculated (price as marked)!
MOONLY: this is a super special color that looks lavender in some lighting and light blue in others. It reminds me of stargazing and full moon/ summer solstices.
SUNSHINE: a pale butter yellow. Soft summer rays and warm breezes
FIREFLY: an electric yellow green, the glow of blinking fireflies on cool summer nights
CLOUDLINE:  super speckled blue with notes of pink, green, and yellow. Memories of laying back on a blanket in the park and staring up at the sky watching clouds drift by
MONSTERA: greenery, greenery, greenery. #plantsonpink
HIBISCUS: vibrant hibiscus blooms brighten up any day. Have you tried hibiscus iced tea? This color way is partially inspired by a recent trip to Mexico City, from which I brought back dried hibiscus flowers as souvenirs
CRUSH: the perfect shade of pale peachy melon, also partly inspired by Orange Crush soda